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I am an Audio Engineer, Guitarist & Music Producer originally from Bogotá, Colombia living and working in Los Angeles, CA. 


At the moment I work at a top Hollywood production studio doing live audio for major touring acts while independenly record and produce music for different artists and projects; my work has been featured on places like Univision, E! Entertainment,, the Hufftington Post, KROQ, El Espectador, among others. 

 I provide the following services:

  • Mixing

  • Beat Making 

  • Vocal Recording

  • Song Production

  • Music Composition

In a live situation I can be a:

  • Playback Engineer

  • FOH & MONS Engineer

 I am experienced with:

  • ProTools

  • Logic Pro

  • Maschine

  • Ableton Live

  • Sequencing

  • Guitar Playing

  • Drum Programming

  • Live Audio Consoles

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